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About 888 VC Network

888 VC Network is a Pan Asia Investor Group. It is a group to engage PE VC community in Asia to understand startup ecosystem and share news, insights, connects & information related to Asia market. Members can seamlessly connect to Investment ecosystem stakeholders from India, China, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, UAE, & other South East Asian countries. The group benefits from netwok effect of VCs, PEs, Institutions, LPs/ Family Offices, HNIs & Funds.

Mission & Objectives

We organise offline gathering of Investors/VCs/Corporates/CEO’s/CFOs/PE Funds/LPs across the globe. The idea is to create a consortium of MDs/Corporate Heads/CEO/Partners who provide insights/information about various industries through discussion/reports/events in which Panel Discussion/Networking over Drinks/VC Panel Discussions/India-China Roadshows/Asia-SE Asia Market Access Events/gatherings to focus on Market Expansion/Investments.

What We Do

Asia Market Investment Opportunity

We Plan to work with VCs/Funds/PEs/LPs/Institutions looking to invest/learn emerging market Investment opportunities. We would provide access to investment opportunities various Sectors/Impact Programs/Startups/SMEs. We would also provide Startegies/content/information about Asia Market.

Asia Market Expansion

If you are any portfolio company of VCs/Institutions/ or you are a Fund/VC looking to expand across Asia, in countries & Regions like China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, India, & other SE Countries, we would provide Corporate/Investor Connect/ Trade Organisation/Government connects and would keep you updated with Legal Compliance’s/Regulations/Grants/Benefits to set up your base/launch your fund.

Venture Capital Talks/Roadshows/VC Mixers

We provide access to VCs across Asia whereby we do private gatherings of VCs for VCs/ Investors Talks/ Marqee Founder Talk/roadshows/pitch sessions for invite only audience. We plan to do various events across Regions. We did our first VC Showcase in Bangalore followed by Singapore. We would do more such gatherings across Asia, SE Asia, UAE & Middle East Countries.

Acceleration Programs/Launchpads/ Incubation Programs/ Government Grants/Setup Access

We Plan to integrate/merge various Acceleration programs across different countries and connect you with our Partner Accelerators across Nations to create Valuable access to Markets/Corporate Programs/Industry/Sectors like Healthcare/Fintech/AI/Deep Tech/Blockchain/Clean Tech/ Agri Tech/FMCG/Consumer/Mobile/Internet etc.

Meet our team

Creating a Network effect of VCs across the globe. Investment professional having experience of working with some of well known VCs/Early Stage Angel Networks across Asia. I have diverse experience in Investments, Deal evaluation and closures in VC industry & also see Global alliances & partnerships. I oversee Business Acceleration, Investments, Incubation and Seed, Pre Series A & onwards Funding. Experience of handling investments for 20 startups raising over 20 million $ USD. An Angel Investor in Early Stage Tech Startups.

Currently heading Investments & Portofolios at Venture Catalysts, Ex Mumbai Angels Network.

Dhianu Das is a businessman par excellence with a mission to empower entrepreneurs & start-ups with investment, mentoring and capacity building to enable business development. With an extensive investment, operation, strategy & development experience he has mentored many startups into successful businesses and has effectively led major business turnarounds as well as set up new businesses all across India. A mentor with exceptional clarity and a strategist who can plan and help execute - Dhianu Das is the perfect combination of a dreamer, a mentor, a businessman, and a true Visionary. Das is an active angel investor in many startups that are involved in inventing and developing problem-solving products. He invests both his money and trust in the companies and people with idiosyncratic business ideas and the passion to change the world.


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